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Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Not all documents are created equal. Some documents are relatively simple to translate and require little more skill than a general knowledge of the source language and the target language. Other documents are much more challenging and require not just powerful language skills but a deep knowledge of the subject matter involved. When you have a document that requires technical translation, there is only one choice for the most accurate and fluid translation of your complex, industry-specific document. That choice is

Every industry has its own individual language. The technical terminology, jargon, and industry-specific language used by a given industry will differ wildly from those used by another industry. For example, the technical terminology needed for corporate accounting is vastly different from the terminology necessary to manufacture pharmaceuticals. This holds true no matter what language your company conducts its business in. Whether you are looking to translate into German, Mandarin, Swahili, or any of the more than 150 languages handles, you can rest assured that we can understand your industry's specialized language. is open 24 hours a day for Technical Translation!

Our expert translators go beyond simply being fluent in the languages they translated. No, our translators do much more. Each of our translators has years of real-world industry experience, meaning that they are not just familiar with but experts in the industry-specific language needed to accurately translate technical documents from the source language to the target language. Our translators have expertise in fields that include:

  • Manufacturing translations: aerospace, automotive, clothing design, electronics, and more.
  • Financial translations: accounting, finance, management, regulation, taxation, and more.
  • Legal translations: bankruptcy, criminal law, corporate law, divorce, taxation, trademark and patent applications, and more.
  • Telecommunications translations: CAD/CAM, diagrams and manuals, ISO 9000 / QS 9000 manuals, technical documents, websites, and more.

Our translators are also familiar with the writing conventions for your industry in both the source language and the target language, allowing for smooth transference of your document to the target language in a form that is immediately useful in its new language.

The technical translator plays a particularly vital role in the process of translating technical documents. Because each language uses different technical terminology and has different writing conventions, the technical translator is essentially recreating the technical material in the new language, taking on many of the functions and the roles associated with a technical writer. As a result, the technical translator needs a keen understanding of the industry in which he or she is translating in order to apply that knowledge to the re-creation of the source text. All of our technical translators possess an expert's understanding of the field of in which they translate so that they can facilitate the knowledge re-creation process in the fastest and most efficient way possible, without losing the meaning of the source text.

Because of this, the technical translator must understand the target audience for a translation and be able to gauge both that audience's level of knowledge and cultural assumptions. For example, a technical manual meant for employee use will likely have very different linguistic requirements from one meant for external audiences. The technical translator must carefully evaluate the potential audience for a technical document in order to adjust the technical terminology and language level to meet the expectations and knowledge of the audience.

Our ERP allows our Technical Translators to deliver complex translations on time!

One of the important issues a translator must understand is the relative importance and weight each culture places on the various words used in the translation. For example, consider the three relatively similar words "person," "individual," and "man." In some languages, the word "man" (with its gendered implications) is favored, whereas other cultures place more emphasis on "person" (emphasizing equality) or "individual" (emphasizing autonomy). These types of implications are not always apparent in English but can make a vast difference in a technical document where careful wording is necessary to convey the original meaning in a culturally appropriate manner that the target audience will understand and appreciate.

At, we work with a deep roster of expert technical translators who come from a variety of industry backgrounds, including manufacturing, finance, government, law, telecommunications, and more. Their expertise in these industries allows them to provide the deep knowledge necessary to effectively translate the most technical of documents into any of the more than 150 languages we translate. This type of industry expertise, in conjunction with fluency in the source language and target language, combines to produce powerful technical translations that effectively convey the meaning of the original source material in the technical terminology and culturally-appropriate form of the target language.


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